Post-Adoption Blues


Adoption can be an exciting and rewarding experience but it isn’t always. I was eager to adopt. I was sure I would be the perfect mom. I had been babysitting since I was a young girl and I was always the favorite sitter. I had read lots of parenting books, I knew all the best behavior modification techniques and I had watched every one of the Super Nanny TV episodes.

What I wasn’t prepared for however was my own unexpected emotions and feelings of unmet expectations. After adopting two kids from foster care I didn’t know how to cope with the sadness and frustration that I was feeling.

This book, Post Adoption Blues, by Karen J. Foli, Ph.D., and John R. Thompson, M.D. is about “overcoming the unforeseen challenges of adoption”. As I read this book, I found that I could relate to so much of it. It was encouraging to know that I was not alone in my feelings.

In this book the authors give several suggestions for